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There is no substitute for receiving and feeding on God’s word. The Church is a place where we feed and receive all of God’s great blessing through the preached word. However, Church is more than coming together on Sundays or Wednesdays.


At Five Grace Church, there are many ways you can get connected with our church family. Below is a list of ministries where you can get involved and build great, thriving kingdom friendships. From our Grace Links to Fusion Youths and several other ministries, you will find a place to flourish, be all that God has called you to be and be part of what God is doing in our generation.

You can register here to find out more about classes and seminars to help you serve in any area of interest or you can simply speak to us after any of our weekly service.

Fusion Youth

Here at Five Grace Church, the youth are full of life. We sometimes hear of youths as the next generation but we are the NOW generation—the Benjamin generation who walk in the favor and grace of God. As youths, we have been called into the kingdom for such a time as this. As we grow in the grace of our Lord Jesus, we merge and integrate into the union of becoming more like Him, thereby experiencing the full assurance that with God all things are possible for us.

Exceptional Woman

As women, we are not exceptional because we are perfect. We are exceptional because of the grace of God on our lives. This ministry encourages women to be more and more like our Lord Jesus by beholding Him daily. Mary did the needful thing which could never be taken from her. She sat at the feet of Jesus and became a great woman. As exceptional women, we are like Mary who daily do the one needful thing.

Outreach Groups

As a ministry we are committed to taking church outside the four walls and sharing the love of Jesus Christ with people from all walks of life. Through various activities, we aim to transform and influence the culture of our city. As we reach out to surrounding communities and individuals within, we know that God's love will never fail.

Cool Kids

Cool Kids is a fun, vibrant weekly ministry for children aged 1-12 years old. Each session has lively singing, dancing and challenging discussions in age appropriate groups. We have a termly planned curriculum which is fun and engaging, giving the children the opportunity to do arts and crafts, drama, games, reading and writing.


Our dedicated teachers are DBS checked and passionate about encouraging our children to find Jesus for themselves. We believe that as we teach our children about Jesus that their lives are being transformed.

Grace Links

Grace Links Care Group are great places for families and individuals to share and enjoy God’s love through the Word and fellowship in small group settings. It’s an opportunity to be encouraged and build great, thriving friendships. 

Sometimes we go through difficult challenges in life, however there is nothing more soothing and helpful as a word of encouragement to someone in despair.

Prestige Men

Manhood is synonymous to being like Jesus. Every way you look at Jesus, you see meekness and majesty. He was never too late, never overbearing, never had to recall a word or retrace a sentence. He was a man of answers, always flowing in the rhythm of grace. As men, this is our greatest aspiration—to be more and more like our Lord Jesus.

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